MountainTopper’s Vision is that you would experience a rich and meaningful relationship with your Heavenly Father through his son Jesus, and in doing so, would find and live your life’s purpose in a way that makes a positive difference for you and everyone you do life with. 

My hope and prayer is that you would experience peace and joy regardless of your circumstances and that you would live a life of faith, determination, and meaning.

MountainTopper’s include:

  • 1-min MountainToppers – short excerpts from God’s word on a particular topic or thought of the day
  • Access to MountainTopper archives – view our library of previously written MountainToppers by topic or category
  • Personalized MountainToppers – make a request for a MountainTopper on a particular situation, thought, or topic and one will be written

Each writing is God inspired and comes from him. Being inspired is God’s business and you’ll find this to be true if you research the word Enthusiastic, whose Greek meaning means to be “inspired by God”.  Want to be permanently inspired by God?  Make him the LORD of your life and he will give you the desires of “your” heart. We pray these writings bless and encourage you.