Don’t force it, it will come…


I’ve been working on some things in my life, things I want to happen, and things I want to materialize both at work and personally – and yesterday my lovely wife sends me just the right message at the right time.

It was perfect timing and a solid reminder that my job is to make effort and try and his promise is to use my effort, so it may be a blessing to others and myself. This morning I woke up with “What are we doing today Lord?” “What do you require of me today?” Today I remember and this morning I’m at peace knowing that my God is sovereign and has it all under control, and that when I do my part – he does his and I don’t need to sweat or worry about the details that make up the big picture. I just need to keep my eyes on Jesus, on whom my strength depends – and keep my eyes on the big picture and the prize that awaits me and every Christ follower.

On my way home Sunday there was this beautiful rainbow and I stopped to remember and recognize that God keeps his promises. He has a promise for me. He has a promise for you. Don’t forget he keeps his promises and hold on to what you know is true in and for your life. Has a blessed rest of your week….