He’s Alive! Happy Easter


Jesus rose from the dead many years ago to fulfill God’s perfect plan to save his people from their sins. And in this unfathomable act of love, all who believed in HIM would not perish but have eternal life. This is why a Christian celebrates Easter.

He Is Risen Tomb Easter Wallpaper Background

And while “he rose” is “past” tense, in truth he “is risen” today. God’s word is alive and well, and the source of truth in a Christ followers life.


Want to do more than just believe? God’s word says even the demons believe, so why not live a changed life as a result. When we accept and follow him, it’s DONE, FINISHED, OVER. No more guilt and no more shame. No amount of good or better behavior can earn the salvation that awaits a Christ follower; it’s a free gift for believing in him, following him, and being in HIS family.


Together let’s declare with our words and take action with our efforts to make Jesus the center of our lives. And by doing one good day’s worth of living with HIM at a time, God promises the result will be a blessed life where he’ll take over and fight our battles for us and give us a hope and a future. Through the cross and the resurection, we have a hope and a future!


Through the power of Jesus’ name, invite the Holy Spirit into your heart and mind and be led by the spirit. Jesus’ death and resurrection happened many years ago, but he’s Alive today and lives in the hearts and minds of those who call him savior. Call on him and live your new life today…