Jesus is Alive Today


Jesus rose from the dead many years ago to fulfill God’s perfect plan to save his people from theirs sins. And in this unfathomable act of love, all who believed in HIM would not perish but have eternal life. This is why a Christian celebrates Easter.

And while “he rose” is “past” tense, in truth he “is risen” today. God’s word is alive, well, and the source of truth in a Christ followers life.

Want to do more than just believe? I encourage you to read God’s word so it will come alive in your life. Another free gift when someone receives Christ as their Lord and Savior is the Holy Spirit, who will be the voice of God in our life that is so real, you will hardly be able to contain how amazing God’s personal connection with you.

Jesus is alive today, in our hearts and minds and can direct our steps and life. What do you have to lose in asking him into your life today?