Jesus is THE reason for the season


It seems every year, the meaning of Christmas get twisted and diluted into the busyness of life. We all spend so much time stressing on things that don’t matter. Whether it’s shopping for gifts, putting too much emphasis on parties or gatherings with people, or just having bitterness with family; we must remember what Christmas is all about. It’s about the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ. For he is the reason for the season!

Christmas is about the life Jesus was born to live. It’s about his death on the cross, and it’s about his resurrection; overcoming death, hell, and the grave to pay for our sins so we could have direct connection to the Father. Christmas is a love story; a love story that involves you, a love story that involves me, a love story that involves all of us. That God would send his only son to earth, so at the right time he could pay the price for all of us to have the opportunity “in choice” to choose Jesus, have direct communion with God, and be saved through the blood and resurrection of the lamb of God.


Today I encourage you to ask yourself these questions;

  • “What is Christmas about?”
  • “Why does it matter?”
  • “What is my response to Christmas and the real message behind the truth of it all?”