Keeping the pieces together


I was jogging outside on a trial by my house and my sports watch fell to the ground. I realized the little metal bar that holds the watch bracelet link together was gone and fell out, and so my watch fell off my wrist.

On this jog, I was really seeking God, a word from him, a touch from him, anything from him because as I’ve learned.., there is nothing like experiencing or being in the presence of God. Much like this little metal piece that holds my watch bracelet together, so does God and his son Jesus hold my life together.

I thought about how many times (metaphorically) my watch (life) fell off (apart) and I didn’t notice until later. Like my life, my watch on my arm was moving fast, up and down, and the jolt of the run was shaking my watch until the little metal piece came loose and fell out. That can be life too, moving fast, good but messy, emotional, relational, work pressure, and just general life stuff. After a while, one day I realize “I’ve been doing it on my own, where is My Father?” The missing piece is gone.

As soon as my watch fell to ground, I realized what the missing piece was and I began searching for it but couldn’t find it at first. I searched for it with intent, and I thought to myself this is the same kind of passion, desire, and fervor our Heavenly Father wants from us in our search for HIM.

My takeaway! Without Jesus in my life to hold me together, I’m at risk for being lost, falling apart, or simply living outside God’s presence. With HIM all things are possible, all things are made new, and in HIM I am free. Free to live in the present with hope, free to live without the disappointments of yesterday.., and free to be led by the Spirit so I can be used by him for all the good purposes he has waiting for me. Where he is, is fulfillment of peace, love, and joy. This is where I want to be. This is where I was meant to be.

If you’ll seek him you will find him and be found by him. I hope this message encourages you today. Blessings….